It has been developed to control and management of seller inventory on Amazon warehouse. Predict user sales, control and accounting inventory returns, reimbursements, andrefunds, prevent fee overcharges.


  1. The search for lost goods (items) by Amazon fault and their partners, for getting reimbursement for these goods. Analysis of inventory balance on the Amazon warehouse. Analysis of lost and damaged items which were not reimbursement.

  2. Create a system which can able to view, control and predict sales for certain time periods (last day, 3, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 days), displays data such as a number of units sold and the amount received for the units sale.

  3. Search and analysis of items by orders, which never were reimbursement and not returned to a seller.

  4. Obtain data and analysis of goods lost on deliveries. Analysis of adjustments and item reimbursements.

  5. Orders statuses tracking, when seller initiate a return of items from Amazon warehouse. Analyses and verification of lost items.

  6. Search and cross-check of Amazon fees for preventing overcharge.

  7. Identification and analysis of the amount discrepancy between expected and charged inventory reimbursements.  

  8. Identification of reimbursements which is not shows in Date Range report.

  9. Create a system for generating 2D Barcodes and shipment pack file. A system should able to create boxes with a certain content (goods) and then, using UI print labels for the boxes, and also generate an excel file, which must be attached to exact sending boxes.

  10. Create a system whichhelps the userorganizehis Amazon cases and integrated with all previous solutions.   


API integration with Amazon MWS, pandas for processing large files (up to 1 GB of data), multiple dropletsystems(more than 20 droplets) deployed over the docker swarm with a loadbalancer, database replications and shardings for high performance, RabbitMQ with Pika for multiprocessing (more than 300 consumers).


Python 2.7, Django 1.12, MySQL 5.7, Redis, RabbitMQ 3.4.6, Docker, JQuery, Vue.js, NPM, Pandas, GitLab CI.


Designed system can be used by any seller on Amazon FBA. This systemallows a seller to make his business more convenient and productive, allows to get more profits, avoid losses and overcharges on fees.