It has been developed to manipulate marketplaces accounts for sellers on Amazon, eBay, Walmart,Jet,Pricefalls SkuVault, Shipstation


Jet - synchronize all marketplaces which are implemented in the system:

1. Posting products from one to other marketplaces

2. Synchronize qty, price, andfulfillment

3. Sync orders, track them and update (send to delivery service and after its shipped update on marketplace)

4. Every 10 minutes calculate the bestprice on the marketplace

5. Inventory system

6. Export/Import files

7. Mapping categories




API integrations with all marketplaces, multiple dropletsystems, also separated database to handle big data, using rabbitMq to handle many requests.


PHP 7.1, Codeigniter 3, MySql, JQuery, Vue.js, RabbitMQ, DoctrineORM


It can be used to manipulate products, orders, qty, prices etc on Amazon, eBay, Walmart,Jet,Pricefalls, SkuVault, Shipstation.