RennitNYC has been designed to make leasing of apartments more simple for brokers.


  1. Create a nice GUI.

  2. Mobile friendly UI.

  3. Multi-brokers system withan abilityto manage their content

  4. Synchronizationand integration with RealtyMX (REDP - Real Estate Database Platform) with many conditionals.

  5. Make RennitNYC compatible with any REDP.

  6. Advanced search for apartments.

  7. Google Maps integration and full interaction with site content.

  8. Integration with QuickSales Pro.

  9. Integration with USAePay


UI/UX mockups (Axure RP), Laravel 5.5 framework with PHP 7.1, API Integration with RealtyMX, scheduled synchronization usingcron, USAePay lib to process payments, Google Maps JavaScript API for displaying apartments location data, Laravel Mailer for sending emails.


Backend: Laravel 5.5 (php 7.1, mysql 5.7, apache 2.4.18)

Frontend: bootstrap 3.3.7, jquery  3.3.1


- USAePay

- Google Maps (JavaScript API)

- RealtyMX API.


The designed web application can be used like as a platform for leasing apartments by any broker who has an access to an existing system. On front-end side, a user can view, search and choose an apartment what he likes and then send a message to contact with a broker.