Paraphrasing the famous saying by Immanuel Kant, “There can be only as much proper science as there is mathematics therein,” it can be said that your business is as strong and competitive as the IT it utilizes. After enduring a long and rocky road from an expensive and beautiful toy to the imaginary “silver bullet” that promises an answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, IT has eventually turned into the primary instrument of control and management over business processes.


Data is not just “processed,” as together with software and hardware it has become the unified nervous system of modern enterprise.  Software is the most changeable part of this system, and the effectiveness of the entire digital infrastructure depends on how qualitatively and flexibly it is implemented. Choosing a reliable supplier of customized software solutions for business becomes more important than ever.

Our mission is to build innovative solutions that make people's lives safer, easier, and more effective.

Our software development

When we started our company in 2014, we had one main idea in mind: to work on software solutions that could fuel and direct the way for business automation. Over the last seven years, we have evolved, having grown from humble beginnings, overseeing an initial project estimated to take less than 10 hours, to handling more than 90 projects in various areas of information technology including eCommerce, electronic retail solutions, and real estate digital optimization.  

During the course of these years, we have been immersed in the meticulous processes of software development, the results of which have allowed our clients to improve their business workflow with the help of automation.

Projects completed
Years of experience
Engineers in production
Support agents

Our goal is to enable you to gain and maintain productivity and grow your business using our custom software solutions, which automate previously manual processes in a matter of seconds.

Automate and optimize

We aim to optimize things as much as possible, whether it is decreasing operational time and cost, automating selling processes in eCommerce, or conveniently organizing information and creating up-to-date dashboards with financial calculations for you to keep track of in real estate management systems.  

Every single project we have worked on has paved the way for us to grow and improve, allowing us to gain deeper knowledge, as we’ve pursued our passion to develop new software solutions. We value commitment to the projects we work with and building trust with our clients. And, first and foremost, we value communication with you as the key to a successful partnership and the opportunity for us to evaluate our results and develop further.

From idea to product

Discussing your idea

This phase is a necessary step to figure out all requirements, dependencies and timeline. We will contact you to discuss your project in detail. During this meeting we will figure out all general requirements, constraints and dependencies.

As a result of this step, we will prepare a requirements document that describes the whole project scope.


Analyzing requirements and Project Planning

Our experts perform technical analysis, choosing the best technology stack based on the requirements document. As a result, they will prepare a technical design for your future project.

At the same time, a dedicated project manager will calculate the efforts required to complete the project while preparing a project plan with milestones.


Implementation Monitoring and Control

In order to provide development services in compliance with the requirements, we use a variety of tools that make the implementation phase clear.

This phase will be finished when your product is successfully deployed to your production environment.


Necessary Support

After deployment, our support engineers would be happy to provide support to your customers and users of your product.

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