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InStandart - Ukrainian custom software development company

About Us

We are a young but experienced team specializing in the creation and maintenance of software products of varying complexity.


We provide the full project lifecycle management including gathering requirements, development, testing, deploy and support.


Our mission is - to build innovative solutions that make YOUR life safer, easier, more effective and fun.


If you have a project or even an idea and you are looking for the professional team who can make your dreams come true, choose us.

We have extensive experience in the development of software products of varying complexity. We work with various technologies, so if you need product development not from the very beginning, and the completion of a not completed project or its support, we can do it.

In addition, we have a support service for your convenience.

  • E-Commerce, Portal
  • Business development
  • REST/SOAP API development & integration
  • Website redesign & refactoring
  • CRM development & integration


People in engeniering


Hours logged

500 k


Recent Works

We have successfully completed many software products. Unfortunately, most of them are private. But we made a description of several our products. So that you can see with what we can work.

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We Are Good In

We are developing simple, fast and user-friendly applications. For this, we use the most modern technical solutions such as Python, PHP, Angular, Vue.js and many others. And always we are happy to research new technologies.

Web Applications

We have experts who specialize in developing web applications.

High-load software

Our engineers can develop high-load systems as fast and user-friendly.


We have a several teams who specialize in e-commerce development.

Business process automation

Our company have strong development skills in business process automation.


We have a small team of QA in order to be confident in the quality of our products.


Our support team provides services: virtual assistants; product support & feedback handing & customer happies monitoring; presales

Creative Team

These are the people who lead our friendly team forward.


Konstantin Tolstopyat

Founder, CEO

Hello, I'm Konstantin, founder of Instandart. I like to work on the growth of the company.


Michael Sorokin


Heya, I'm Michael, COO of Instandart. I like challenging tasks and my work at all.


Andrey Pomaz


Hi, I'm Andrey, CTO of Instandart. I like to learn the most modern technologies and apply them in my work.