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Project description

The Boolo UI/UX design project was aimed at creating a convenient platform for searching and posting vacancies in the IT field. The application allows users to register as employers or employees, providing a simple and straightforward search and employment structure. For the project, unique graphic icons depicting people were developed and a corporate identity was created using black, white and yellow colours.

Project summary

Business goals:
to develop a design that will contain a range of features
1 Designer
Web design, Graphic design
Applied technologies:
Photoshop, Figma

Business Challenge

The main challenge for Boolo was to develop a design that would effectively meet the needs of both employers and job seekers in the IT industry. In the competitive landscape of job search platforms, the project needed to stand out by offering a user-friendly interface, comprehensive job search filters, and a visually appealing design. Additionally, meeting the unique needs of the IT industry and building a strong brand has presented challenges in terms of design and functionality.


To solve a business problem, the project adopted a strategic UI/UX design approach that prioritised usability, functionality, and branding. The design process began with thorough research aimed at understanding the specific needs and preferences of IT industry users. This provided the basis for the development of user profiles and journey maps that would guide the design process.

The UI/UX design has a simple and clear structure, allowing users to easily navigate the application and find suitable jobs. Comprehensive job search filters have been implemented, allowing users to refine their search based on criteria such as location, skill set, experience level and more.

UI/UX design, web design, app design, graphic design, HR web app

Unique graphical people icons have been designed to enhance the app’s visual appeal and reinforce its focus on connecting employers and job seekers. The brand identity was created using a minimalist colour scheme of black, white and yellow, creating a sleek and modern look that resonated with users in the IT industry.

UI/UX design, web design, app design, graphic design, HR web app

Delivered Results

Boolo UI/UX design project successfully solved a business problem by providing a convenient platform for searching and posting vacancies in the IT field. Key results of the project included:

  • Improved user interface. A simple and clear structure, comprehensive job search filters and visually appealing design contributed to an improved overall user experience, resulting in increased user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Distinctive Branding: Designing unique graphic icons and creating a minimalist brand identity has helped Boolo stand out from its competitors and establish a strong brand presence in the IT industry.
  • Increased user engagement. An intuitive interface and user-centric design approach encourages users to actively interact with the application, leading to increased usage and adoption.

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