Team augmentation means that you have an opportunity to add new people to your team for the project for some period of time, while we fully cover all the processes of finding the right people for your projects: search, recruitment, initial interviews, etc.

When you need to add more people to your team, you let us know the requirements for the employees you want to hire as outside personnel, and then you will be able to choose someone for the team personally after having a technical interview with them.

New staff will take a part in the in-house development as long as the project goes on. This approach fits best when the project might be a short-term one and has no need to hire people for a long time.

So this is how it goes:

  • An on-demand approach. You let us know the exact requirements for the person you want to hire for your project.
  • We are quickly processing your requirements and efficiently working on finding the right personnel for you.
  • You have interviews with the candidates for your project to ensure their experience and skills align with your vision.
  • You make the final decision to add them to your team.


Software development is the driving force of today’s digitalised world.

Our team of talented and highly qualified software engineers has been creating custom software solutions for eCommerce, hospitality, real estate, retail, logistics, and fashion while demonstrating a high level of domain and industry knowledge for the past eight years.

Our company works through the full cycle processes of software development that can enhance and empower your company’s IT capabilities. The whole complexity of software development services resolves the most difficult digital issues and creates the most extraordinary business solutions.

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UI/UX Design, which stands for User Interface and User Experience Design, is a crucial discipline in the field of digital product development. It focuses on creating intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly interfaces for websites, mobile apps, and other digital platforms.

UI (User Interface) Design involves the aesthetic and functional aspects of a digital product.

UX (User Experience) Design focuses on the overall user journey and satisfaction. It aims to make the product efficient, enjoyable, and user-centric, addressing user needs and pain points.

Benefits of UI/UX Design:

  • Improved User Satisfaction: UI/UX design ensures that users have a positive and satisfying experience when interacting with a digital product, leading to increased user retention and loyalty.
  • Enhanced Usability: Well-designed interfaces are intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for users to accomplish tasks and find information without frustration.
  • Cost Savings: Investing in UI/UX design early in the development process can prevent costly redesigns and improvements down the road, saving time and resources.


Quality Assurance Testing (QA Testing) is an integral part of the software development process. It’s the systematic process of ensuring that a product or service meets defined quality standards. QA Testing Services play a pivotal role in delivering software that’s reliable, secure, and user-friendly.

The primary objective of QA Testing is to identify and rectify defects, inconsistencies, and deficiencies in the product before it reaches the end-users or customers.


As software systems become increasingly complex and integral to our daily routines, it’s crucial to ensure their longevity and reliability. This is where software maintenance comes into play.

Software maintenance encompasses a broad range of activities aimed at preserving and enhancing software systems. These activities play a crucial role in the software development life cycle and are instrumental in addressing issues, improving functionality, and adapting software to changing requirements.


E-commerce software development enables businesses to manage various aspects of their online operations, from product listings and inventory management to customer interactions and payment processing. 

Our approach encompasses the creation of websites, mobile applications, and other digital tools that facilitate online transactions and enhance the overall shopping experience. Our company uses Magento for the development of online platforms in the field of e-commerce.


The primary goal of Computer-aided design (CAD) is to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the design process.

We can take projects at the interface of CAD and calculation software (strength calculations, stress analyses, etc.), as well as at the interface of CAD-CRM, CAD-ERP.

CAD offers numerous advantages across various industries. Here are some key benefits: Design Iteration and Optimisation, Simulation and Analysis, Documentation and Visualisation.

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