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Project description

The Emiltonia mobile app UI/UX design project aimed to create a user-friendly and visually appealing platform for parents and healthcare professionals to track and monitor their baby's health data. The app enables users, whether they are mothers or midwives, to keep track of vital health metrics such as weight, size, body temperature, and more. It provides insight into the baby's health development through visual charts and allows users to compare their baby's growth with statistical data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Project summary

1 Designer
Business goal:
to develop a design for mobile app that will contain a range of features
Mobile App design, Graphic design
Applied technologies:

Business Challenge

The primary challenge for Emiltonia was to develop a mobile application design that effectively catered to the needs of parents and healthcare professionals in tracking and monitoring their baby’s health data. With the sensitive nature of baby health tracking and the abundance of parenting apps available, the project needed to differentiate itself by offering a user-friendly interface, comprehensive health tracking features, and reliable data visualisation tools. Additionally, ensuring accuracy, privacy, and ease of use were crucial aspects of addressing this challenge.


To address the business challenge, the project adopted a comprehensive approach to UI/UX design that prioritised usability, functionality, and data visualisation. The design process began with thorough research to understand user needs, preferences, and pain points related to baby health tracking. This informed the development of user personas and journey maps to guide the design process.

The UI/UX design incorporated intuitive navigation and clear visual cues to guide users through the process of tracking their baby’s health data. Customisable dashboards allowed users to personalise their experience and prioritise the metrics most important to them.

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Comprehensive health tracking features were implemented, including the ability to record weight, size, body temperature, feeding habits, milestones, and more. Visual charts provided users with insight into their baby’s growth and development over time, while comparison with WHO statistical data allowed for benchmarking against global standards.

Additionally, user-friendly features such as reminders and notifications were included to help users stay on track with their baby’s health tracking routine.

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Delivered Results

The Emiltonia mobile application UI/UX design project successfully addressed the business challenge by delivering a user-friendly and comprehensive platform for tracking and monitoring baby health data. Key outcomes of the project included:

  • Enhanced user experience: The intuitive interface, comprehensive health tracking features, and visual data visualisation tools contributed to an improved overall user experience, resulting in increased user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Reliable data visualisation: The incorporation of visual charts and comparison with WHO statistical data provided users with valuable insights into their baby’s growth and development, enhancing their understanding and confidence in their baby’s health.

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