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Project description

In the area of eCommerce, it’s important to have a full analysis of the goods’ sales/returns and their availability, but it takes a lot of time to keep track of all these changes. Our system makes it possible to automate all these processes.

The service that we developed synchronizes orders with the ShipStation system, providing users with all the necessary information about goods, and automatically tracks, updates changes such as:

  • quantity of purchased goods;
  • deliveries and returns;
  • availability of products in marketplaces;
  • which store/warehouse a product has been purchased from and current availability thereof.

All the information is stored in one main database, and access to information becomes as convenient as possible, saving time for sellers, and allows one to have a fully transparent understanding of the condition and quantity of goods, which makes a business efficient.

Project summary

Project Manager, 2 web developers
eCommerce, inventory management
eCommerce development, inventory adjustment, API integrations
Business goals:
to create a service for synchronization of orders from the ShipStation system and to get synced reports about statuses and qualities of goods in each of the marketplaces
Applied technologies:
PHP, Vue.js, Javascript framework, UI-Laravel, API integrations

Business challenge

Our client wanted to start a successful eCommerce business. Now by providing useful functionalities, our service makes it easier for customers to monitor a lot of data, thereby saving their time and focusing on the results.

The main task of this project is to develop a service for the synchronization of orders with the ShipStation system. Also, we have created an ability to accurately show order statuses, availability, and quantity which we take from ShipStation. This information automatically synchronizes with our service via API. As well, our system tracks all this information about products in other warehouses and stores such as eBay, Walmart, SkuVault, etc.


At the start of development, our team focused primarily on the priority requirements of the project — to show orders from Shipstation, connecting to service marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, SkuVault, eBay for tracking information and correct synchronized functions.

To start working with a service, the user needs to import a file with data that contains the basic information “Products and their quantity”, then the information will be updated and displayed in the system. In consequence, when a notice comes from ShipStation that two products have been sold, our service detects it, and information will be updated in the last imported file.

In addition, a calculation system is configured, if the order (for example, 5 units of goods) has been delivered successfully, then 5 units are subtracted from an initial quantity. If the order has been canceled, these 5 units are returned to the list of contents of goods.

Explanation about the main system:

  • The system will be with multiple users and authorization;
  • Synchronization of orders via API with ShipStation;
  • The system will save logs for operation with orders and amounts;
  • Detection of Shadow SKU and showing it in logs;
  • Showing logs for synchronization with filters;
  • Checking order status and operating with quantity;
  • Importing products via UI / CSV;
  • Exporting amount via CSV;
  • Assigning shadow SKU via UI or file;
  • Showing currently available quantity in UI;
  • Kit Management.

Delivered results

It took 3 weeks to develop this project, and during this time, we were able to complete all the tasks and achieve the required results. In order to prevent system malfunctions, at every step of the project development, we carefully checked whether the service functions were working properly.

Automatic updating and showing information about products associated with ShipStation, real-time monitoring of deliveries, purchased/canceled goods, and their availability and quantity, all of this now works automatically. These functions significantly influence the improvement of sales results and reduce the enormous time spent by users, allowing them to invest that time into more important things.

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