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Project Description

PPARS is a service created for phone replenishment companies. The system provides a convenient interface for phone refilling and buying PINs to replenish the account. The system stores all the information about current and completed transactions including used/unused PINs, transaction statuses, and total balance sheet. PPARS allows users to be online at all times, without worrying that funds will run out at an inconvenient time. The service analyzes your operator, checks the cost of the plan and automatically restores your balance.

Project Summary

5 developers
eCommerce, auto-refilling system
eCommerce development 
Business goals:
To create a service that automatically replenishes your mobile phone balance by  withdrawing money from your card or reminding you about it.  
Applied technologies:
Django, Celery, Redis, Bootstrap, jQuery, AdminLTE 2, Nginx.

Business Challenge

Our client in the eCommerce business had the goal of creating a service, a system that automatically replenishes a cellular communication account, which, in its turn, automatically withdraws funds from the user’s card or reminds them about the requirement for this operation to be carried out.

The service can automatically replenish the system for stores that are engaged in replenishing the phone account. Through this system, clients won’t have to do the routine work they have encountered daily.


In the process of development, our team has been engaged in the main mission to rid customers of routine tasks performed manually. Our main aim has been to automate the execution of tasks for the optimal usability of the service.

Functions that have become an integral part of the service allows users to save their time because the following tasks will perform the functions automatically:

  • The service will withdraw money from clients’ cards or will remind them to do it;
  • The service also asks the clients if they want to complete the replenishment this month, and the system will confirm the user’s actions;
  • Getting PINs from your provider to replenish your account;
  • You can replenish the account on your operator’s website and then it automatically confirms the replenishment;
  • Automatic indication of a telecommunications operator, planning of cost and duration, and detection of selected operators.

Our team developed a convenient UI for the users of this service. The whole navigation is intuitively understandable and easy to use.

An admin has a lot of functions created to manage customers.

Transactions that are possible to do with provider list:

Users have the ability to view all providers, while administrators can also add/edit/delete them.

List of plans:

Also, users can view all the available plans in the system that were added by the administrator.

List of PINs:

Users can sell, buy and monitor PINs in the system. PINs can be added via transactions or by the “Import PINs” button of the CSV file for import, and also through the form of adding PINs, filling in such fields as “Supplier plan”, PINs, “Applicability”. Users buy PINs by filling in the form or sending SMS via Plivo API or email.

Delivered Results

All requirements were met, all the features of the service were thoroughly checked by our specialists. Now using the automatic replenishment system, users don’t need to spend extra time on tasks that can be performed automatically.

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