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Project Description

Our team created a program for a client where our support specialists provided required technical support. Uninterrupted communication with clients, as well as quick resolution of all possible technical issues, allowed the business to work at a high level and increase the number of users as much as possible.

Project Summary

4 support agents
eCommerce sellers
Business goals:
Provide effective technical support to clients and increase the number of users
Applied technologies:
Without special technologies, just a user support activity

Business Challenge

In any online business, communication with clients and technical support is very important, as the issues can be of various kinds. For this purpose, our client contacted our company.

The thing is that if some users of a certain system do not get help at the right time, they just might leave this service for good, and they will try to find another solution that fits them perfectly. It’s detrimental to a business to have a gradually decreasing number of users, so it is better to avoid such situations if possible.

We have created software for the client that works in a way that requires immediate technical assistance for users. Specialists from our company were required to provide support in case the users could not figure out how to deal with some issues. Our highly skilled colleagues took care of clients’ technical queries and the process of figuring out was usually carried out by phone or remotely (via the TeamViewer or AnyDesk services).


Technical support specialists from our company have all the necessary skills to provide immediate technical support for clients.

In this case, in addition to technical skills, there is a need for a flexible approach to every client, so our colleagues are thoroughly instructed and trained in terms of support, and they learn to adapt to any difficult situation, due to their acquired experience and knowledge.

The main skills of our specialists are:

  • Technical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Patience
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Learning Skills

Technical Skills

Our specialists deal with complicated high-level issues, and they are also skilled in coding, are able to analyze application logs and maintain permanent data reports (besides, they have a degree in computer science).

Communication Skills

Our technical support specialists are immersed as much as possible in every issue that the client might have in order to give an understandable and detailed answer, after which there are usually no questions left. They know the software that they work with and the client does not have to wait for a long time to get an answer to the question.


Every client is different, and our specialists are open-minded and flexible, and they resolve every client’s possible issue efficiently and with patience. They always listen to your query with the utmost attention and then offer a solution.

Problem Solving Skills

Most often, in order to find out what the problem is, you have to ask the right questions to the client. That’s what our specialists usually do, they scrutinize the technical issue, and then they try their best to resolve it as soon as possible.

Learning Skills

Every time a new question comes up in the course of our support process, it feels like a new experience and a new level of knowledge to acquire. We gain experience every day and we are committed to progress and development. Technology is evolving so fast and we need to be prepared for new challenges.

Delivered Results

Our company met all the client’s business requirements. The main requirements were to increase the number of users, and we successfully achieved it. Our team worked hard 24/7 in technical support, and each client was getting full transparency on what they needed to do in any complicated situation.

Every time, when the users were assisted in their queries, they were glad and satisfied that their questions had not been ignored. It was helpful for business, and resulted in good user feedback, and increased the number of users of this service.

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