December 30, 2021

InStandart’s debut on Clutch with stellar client feedback

As technology continues to improve, it is hard to catch all opening opportunities, and it’s even harder when a business doesn’t have the resources to adapt to these changes. Accept it or not, web development companies have been changing how the business industry flows. So, if you desire to keep up with the trend, make sure to know the importance of these developers.

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January 17, 2022

InStandart rewinds to their successful year with Clutch

Let’s face it, there are many new technologies out there that you should try! Whether you are a small-medium business or a large enterprise, you’d be surprised with what the development industry has to offer. Founded in 2014, InStandart has been providing innovative solutions that help automate your business and make processes easier and more effective. We love working with e-commerce companies, retail solutions, and real estate solutions.

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