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Project description

The "Feedback System" program developed by our company supports connection to a set of systems that include questions about products and inquiries about issues from users. All incoming questions are usually sent to the system, and this allows sending messages directly and managing communication with clients in an automatic mode. The user can manage the settings by which the program should work.

Project summary

3 developers
eCommerce feedback system
Business goals:
to reduce the amount of routine work and optimize communication management in an automatic way
Applied technologies:
Python, Angular, RabbitMQ, MySql

Business challenge

Our eBay feedback program allows clients to reduce their workload and optimize communication management, and, in this way, it does not leave any inquiries and emails unanswered and thus, it does not let them negatively affect the vendor’s rating.

Our client works in the eCommerce business and does a lot of routine tasks every day. Some of those are related to client communication and query management.


We have decided to save time for our client, so we have created a system that collects all questions from the marketplace and sends them to the feedback system. The program can automatically send sales reports to users.

It is also possible to create templates to answer various questions and the system will automatically give an answer while the user works on more important things.

How it works:

  • The system collects information on queries and orders from eBay and other marketplaces and stores data in an internal data warehouse;
  • It verifies whether the order has been delivered;
  • If the goods are delivered successfully, the system sends the preset message to the seller or buyer about the delivered goods;
  • In case of any delivery problems, the system sends a user-configured message to the seller or buyer about a delivery failure;
  • Setting up email templates allows you to communicate with clients and make this as convenient as possible;
  • The system automatically sends a request for feedback to users who have previously left positive feedback;
  • It automatically checks whether the goods have been returned before sending a request for feedback;
  • The system sends a notification to the user in case of negative feedback from the client about the goods.

Delivered results

The system “Feedback System” developed by our team allowed direct communication with clients. Customizable email templates significantly saved the users’ time and allowed them to focus on other tasks.

Our system has also improved vendor ratings, thereby increasing sales and profits. Many routine tasks, such as tracking delivery status, sending notifications and messages to clients are performed automatically.

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