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Project description

MT Trello is a client program created by our company, providing all the functionality for detailed project management. The system works according to the methodology of Kanban boards, and it’s really easy to monitor the project implementation. The program allows you to set deadlines, leave notes for projects and tasks, and assign tasks to other project participants.

Project summary

2 developers
Project management
project management program
Business goals:
To develop the platform for effective project management
Applied technologies:
Python, Django, Javascript, MySQL

Business challenge

Project management, which comprises correct prioritization of tasks and managing teamwork, is a rather complex and time-consuming process.

The client contacted our company to develop a program that would help to set up all these business processes and would allow employees to work in the most efficient way.

A lot of time is required, in order to spend it on working with the following tasks:

  • Communication with customers;
  • Identification of client’s needs;
  • Clarifying and approving the functions in the project;
  • Setting up a business process for the project;
  • Correct distribution of tasks between employees and setting of deadlines;
  • Quality and performance control.

And there are also many other tasks that take a lot of time. Our company will always try our best to find and provide a business solution, as in this case.

We have developed a program for the client that aligns with all of the management requirements.


The business solution we have provided is the development of MT Trello. The program is easy to use, but also effective in many tasks.

The main function of the program:


The boards display information about the project, where all tasks are grouped in a common unifying direction. At any time that is convenient for you, you can interact with your team and organize tasks.


The columns contain cards to help with sorting by progress or other parameters.


Cards are the main component of MT Trello, and the cards contain all the basic information about tasks and ideas. The cards describe the tasks that should be performed, and it’s possible to move them, set in the order in which the tasks should be performed.


All sections in the menu are designed in such a way that each user can use the program without any special knowledge, quite quickly and easily.

Delivered Results

After the project was completed and shared with the client, they were pleasantly surprised with how the management of the workflow could be so easy, and the client also figured out how to level up in managing employees and projects, without spending a lot of time and strength as it had been before.

Once again, we were glad that we completed all the required tasks in time and that all the requirements were met. Also, we were happy to know that the business solution implemented by our company helped the client to get a new level of business management.

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