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Project description

In case you would like to calculate the numbers to get an overview of sold products, calculate the income and keep a track of money spent on Amazon advertising, our Advertising Reporting service can help you. Besides, our repricing system can set an automated process for changing prices of products when required

Project summary

Project manager, 3 developers
eCommerce, Amazon Advertising
eCommerce development, Amazon API
Business goals:
Calculate costs, analyze the necessity for repricing, analyze income based on sales, setting of automatic repricing
Applied technologies:
Python, Django, Rabbit MQ, Angular, Advertising API

Business Challenge

When our client started working with us, the main objective of the project was to see an overview of statistics on the client’s sales, to calculate income, and to conduct analysis. Pretty much the majority of these tasks are usually calculated manually, which does not make the process any easier but, quite the opposite, prolongs it and makes the client focus on routine things instead of the flow of business itself.

Another thing that mattered to our client was the option to clearly analyze and see the amount of money spent on advertising their products in the Amazon Advertising system

Besides that, what is also important in Amazon sales is to know whether your product has a competitive price, as it should not be too far ahead or behind your competitors’ prices.


As the project started, among other things, we needed to focus on Amazon Advertising and its core principles. We concentrated on working with Advertising API and MWS, moving forward with other tasks as well. One by one, we built the automated analysis processes and provided the results based on it.

Our development enabled us to:

  • See the statistical number of sales of all the client’s products;
  • Calculate the income from all the products per day;
  • Keep track of how much money was spent on these products in Amazon advertising;
  • Calculate the number of coupons that the customers used.

With the help of Amazon MWS, we were able to see the information on orders, which of them were delivered, the amount of money received for these products, and conducted calculations on the number of coupons used.

Another crucial part of our work was focused on checking the position of the products on Amazon. We needed to see if these goods were on the first pages of advertising deals in Amazon, as on the basis of this analysis, our repricing system was applied.

If the products were not present on the first page of such deals, our Repricer worked to lower the price to the exact moment until the item appeared there. The great thing about this is that it would not lower or increase the price beyond the necessary limits, as it thoroughly calculated this based on the processes used in Amazon Advertising.

Delivered results

The development, incorporating the primary project requirements, took our team four months. This was an extensive undertaking in which we needed to familiarise ourselves more with certain tools and also apply technologies that were already familiar to us.

The automated solution we delivered allowed our client to get a clear overview and statistics on constant sales processes and details that come with Amazon Advertising, and to automatically adjust prices when needed using our repricing system.

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