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Project Description

With our autoresponder tool, you will protect your metrics, your business and keep your customers happy. It includes Amazon, Walmart, and eBay functionality, so you can automatically respond to your customers’ messages to make sure your customers stay satisfied and your marketplace customer response metrics stay compliant during holidays, vacations, and weekends.

Project Summary

Full-stack developer
business automation, autoresponder tool
Business goals:
To create automated communications with your customers for efficient management of your Amazon and eBay seller accounts.
Applied technologies:
Google script

Business Challenge

Our client is a pro seller on Amazon. During the working process, they constantly noticed a lack of an automatic responder.

It’s important to communicate with the clients and give them feedback, even when you have a vacation. This stuff has a significant impact on customer loyalty and overall business management. But you don’t always have the ability to be on the computer to respond to clients every time.

Instead, you can automate communications with your customers for efficient management of your Amazon, Walmart, and eBay business. Our autoresponder is a useful tool for automated responding with your pre-created answers to customers when you’re busy or on the weekends. Also, it is possible to set the time when you`ll be off, and want it to work without your actions.


We can create a convenient way to make your business stable. It’s important to stay online with your customers to give them feedback.

When you have the time available you can address the customers’ needs. Autoresponders include Gmail support, and can even detect customers out of office or auto-responses.

1. In the main settings, the user can make convenient settings for themselves. For example, you have several email addresses and can choose from which of them to reply and respond, and turn on or off other helpful functions. In the field “Filter To” you can manage “Filter messages” settings.

2. Draft settings are convenient for users because you can set functions for yourself in each of the marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and then it will work automatically.

“Message Type” allows you to select a pre-created draft, which will be used as a template for a response. If you want to use a custom draft, you can create it in Gmail drafts and then select the menu item “Custom” in “Message Type”.

It will lead to the appearance of a new field, “Custom Message Type”, where you can enter the subject of your own draft, and the application will use it. If you create a few drafts with the same subject, Gmail Auto Responder will choose the draft randomly.
3. Office timings

In the menu item “Office Timings”, you can configure Gmail Auto Responder to operate time, based on your working hours. It means that if a message arrives during your working hours, the application does not reply to it. Also, you can choose holidays days, during which you will be absent but the application will operate.
4. You can configure the application for self-running at a certain time. This option is available in the menu item “Triggers”. It’s possible to change the time when the autoresponder itself will check the letters every hour, every 30 minutes, every 8 hours.

5. When you are finished with configuring Gmail Auto Responder, you can use two modes that are “Run” or “Test”. The first mode directly sends your responses and shows the result of the search, but “Test”, instead of that, does not send responses but shows results of the search. This result includes all information about the responded or skipped messages, so you can analyze it and correct your configuration as necessary.

In addition, there are some helpful functions:

  • You have a convenient log system. The application stores information about all your runs in Google Spreadsheet named Auto_Responder_Logs. Also, the option was added that informs you when you use incorrect drafts. Messages with this alert will be sent to a specified email (by default it is your own email).
  • Now you can insert the name of a recipient into your messages for the response. For this, you have to use keyword #name. Paste the keyword in your draft and the application will automatically change it.
  • After operating mode “Run” all replied messages will be marked with the Gmail label “Auto-Reply”. Further, you can click on this label in Gmail and explore all marked messages.
  • Added a new filter “Amazon/eBay/Walmart”, so you can use it for detecting messages from Walmart. It’s convenient for users because they can choose what they want with fast filtering information at any time.

Delivered Results

After our development, all requirements were met. All of our features help the client automatically respond to all messages even when they are on holidays, vacations, and weekends. It’s so important when clients have feedback after asking for help, and our service can provide it now.

Sellers save a lot of their time with our service. They don’t need to be at their computers 24/7 with a thing in mind that they skipped requests from the clients. It is possible to manage it and set a convenient working schedule at the same time.

If you need advice from skillful professionals, you should contact us. And you’ll get full transparency of what you should do to make your project succeed. Our business analytics will help you with fulfilling your goals.

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