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Project description

When an Amazon seller wants to register a guarantee on purchased items from Amazon, this service can provide this opportunity, with the help of such features as discount codes, filtering, and synchronization of items, and a unique star rating system will make everything much easier.

Project summary

Project manager, designer, 2 web developers
eCommerce, Amazon Advertising
eCommerce development, Amazon API
Business goals:
create an ability to register a warranty for a bought product on Amazon, rate and filter products, send messages to clients
Applied technologies:
PHP, Angular, Bootstrap, MVC framework, Amazon API

Business challenge

Our client sells some goods on Amazon in large volumes, and at some point every user in this marketplace wanted to have an additional option to register a guarantee on the purchased product, but such a thing was not available at that time.

Therefore the client had an idea to make it possible to register an assurance on the bought goods from Amazon, and we started moving forward with the development.


We have already created successful projects for this marketplace. Following our client’s requests, our professionals have created a service that provides the opportunity to register the guarantee on the purchased goods from Amazon.

As we had experience with Amazon API projects, our team knew how to plan the development process meticulously, and eventually created the following options:

1. Seller’s orders via MWS and UI that are available to an admin.

2. When a customer is on the warranty register page, they will fill in fields — input Amazon order number, email address, and rate according to the star rating in the order from 1 to 5;

3. If the buyer has left 4-5 stars, then the information is saved in the system and  they will be redirected to Amazon to leave feedback;

4. If a customer has left from 1 to 3 stars, then the system just saves the information in the database without redirection to Amazon;

5. Merchants can make discounts to invite buyers;

6. There is also an ability to track the amount of added sellers by the dashboard panel. Merchants can view name, email, login for WR, domain, date, and filter the search by name, email, domain, date, and add new merchants by the button “Add”. It is also possible to edit it.

7. Special UI for clients. The dashboard includes an ability to track sign-ups, purchasers can view the feedback and order details such as order ID, name, email, phone, and there is an available option to unsubscribe (i.e., delete from the system). They can view all goods eligible for registered and related orders and search by-products, star rating, and date.

Delivered results

At the end of the project development, our team completed all tasks that had been given to us, and all specialists were focused on completing all the requirements. Overall it took 1 year to finish this project.

Extra features that we created were star rating, discount function, filter items, as such an addition helps to invite new customers and work more productively. We tried to automate tasks that would take a lot of time for users and we achieved our goals.

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