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Project Description

If you have any worries about lost inventory or incorrect refunds while being a seller on Amazon, our system can help you solve those issues in an automatic way by analyzing data that comes through selling processes on this eCommerce market.

Project Summary

project manager, 3-5 developers , QA, 2 support specialists
eCommerce, inventory management
eCommerce development, SaaS, Amazon API integration
Business goals:
reduce client losses, prevent fee overcharges
Applied technologies:
Python/Django, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, JQuery, Vue.js, NPM, Pandas

Business Challenge

Before the project started, our client tried their best to manage the eCommerce business but issues with lost or missing inventory, return fees, and other general errors were a frequent problem. Although Amazon provides reimbursement services to sellers, there have been a lot of cases where a more thorough analysis needed to be conducted using various details.

Whether it is missing units, lost items, issues with inbound shipments, damaged items, customer returns that include items that cannot be sold anymore, or goods that were returned but have still not been added to the inventory by mistake, it can be hard to keep track of everything, especially when the clients already have a lot on their plate in terms of sales management.

So, our team needed to find a solution that would enable the client to keep up with all the processes related to reimbursement seamlessly with the help of automation and meticulous analysis of data.


When the development set out, we began working on creating a service that allowed clients to eventually receive compensation for items that were lost and, consequently, of money they could have lost due to errors or possible gaps in previous reimbursement processes.

While developing, we decided to use Python and Django for back-end building of the system and Vue.js together with JQuery for the front-end implementation, as such tools always prove to be effective and efficient in the long run when we get end results.

One of the main issues that our client faced was that while Amazon reports were a huge help, they were set apart and placed separately in the system, as though puzzle pieces scattered everywhere. What our service did was manage to compile these pieces together to form a single picture that helped clear up a lot of things in the course of selling. By using reports, API requests, and other elements together, we were able to accumulate information about lost items, issues with shipments, and so on.

The development made it possible to request Amazon reports in an automatic way, to conduct analysis of received information and automatically create refund requests on the basis of the analyzed data, to analyze inventory balance and forecast sales, to provide optimal case management and to cross-check Amazon fees to prevent overcharging.

Delivered Results

Development is quite an extensive process, even if the final step of deployment is far behind. There are always things to consider and to add in order to make the system even more effective, following the changes in the logic of marketplace processes and changes in the eCommerce industry in general.

Nevertheless, our reimbursement service has already helped our client gain much more clarity on issues with items, whether they are lost or returned by a customer, and even in cases where it is initially unclear what happened to them. Soon after the launch, customers received reimbursement from Amazon for large sums of money for lost goods.

The analysis and automation provided by our development proved to be effective in enabling eventual reimbursement, thus, leaving a long-lasting effect on a business that is able to develop further without enduring any losses along the way.

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