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Project description

“Shabbos Mode” is a program designed to help with sales automation, which stops online sales on the Sabbath and during Jewish holidays.

Project summary

eCommerce, eCommerce automation
eCommerce development
Business goals:
To create a program that would automate stopping online sales during Jewish Holidays
Applied technologies:
PHP, Javascript, Python, Bootstrap, Wordpress

Business challenge

Our client had an idea for a program that could help with sales automation processes, and our team needed to implement solutions that would allow for disabling sales in different marketplaces during the Shabbat Holidays by setting “Vacation Mode”.


Applying various technologies, we worked on a way to make the Shabbos Mode program function for different marketplaces respectively. These marketplaces include Amazon (FBA and FBM), Walmart, eBay, and Jet. Depending on the marketplace, there are various functions accessible to the program user such as:

  • Disable listing;
  • Change release date;
  • Price increase;
  • Increase fulfillment latency etc.

For example, for Amazon FBM, the “Disable listing” option enables the program to set the quantity of available items for sale to 0 and after the holiday has concluded to reset the original amount. And for Amazon FBA, the same function would make the listing inactive.

When the “Price increase” option is used, the program can change the price for items by percentage or currency and after vacation time the prices turn back to the original ones.

As for “Change release date,” the user can choose an exact date for the launch or release of items for sale. Besides, the user can enable notifications via email on possible errors that might have occurred during the date change.

All these options allow users to set the processes and state of items during holidays the way they want.

The user has various settings in their account which include a Hebcal section, Personal settings (timezone and password change), Amazon settings, eBay settings etc.

In the Hebcal section, the user can create their Jewish Holiday Calendar for the program using several fields. They can fill in such fields as:

  • “Candle-lighting minutes before sundown”;
  • “Havdalah minutes past sundown”;
  • US ZIP code.

The first field is filled in based on the time when Shabbos starts for the user, and the second is based on the time when their Shabbos ends. Also, the user chooses a timezone by entering the ZIP code.

The user can see all the events and marketplaces with events on the page of the calendar in the program and then see the event details.

Delivered results

Over the course of a few years, we have developed a system that automatically turns off a user’s online marketplaces according to the set candle lighting time, and then turns them on at Havdalah. Such a system can help with automatically stopping sales for a specific amount of time during holidays without the necessity for the user to check everything manually.

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