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Project Description

All of the technologies are updating so fast, and it gives the opportunity to make some new interesting features. The last version of this project was developed using Magento 1.

After some time, we have received a request from our client to update it to Magento 2 and add new features.

From the first version of Magento, our team made a lot of changes and fixed bugs, and our client was really satisfied with the results.  

Now, we are going to update it to the Magento 2, and try our best to make it even better.

Project summary

Magento Full Stack developer, designer
eCommerce, sales
eCommerce development, API integrations
Business goals:
To update functions from Magento 1 to Magento 2, create a new design and new features for the site of the wine products community.
Applied technologies:
PHP, MySQL, Magento 2

Business Challenge

Since the last version, our client wanted to make a migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The main changes in the project consist of making a new design and technology being implemented with more modern technologies. Also, new interesting features are planned and some of them may be added or changed.


By following the requirements of our client, our team has added to this project new features, such as:

1. Tax Management

New Integration with TaxJar to handle all of the Tax calculations and Tax Tables.

2. Multi-store Inventory Management

We have expanded to the third warehouse, and now it’s syncing inventory to display available quantities to customers.

Depending on where a customer is planning delivery to, it will automatically detect the estimated delivery date and which products are available for them to purchase.

It is based on the IP location first, then it can be manually set by the customer as the delivery state in the drop-down and saved as the default in the session.

3. Subscription and Payments

We have decided to continue using Subscribe Pro for our subscription management and its vault for CC storage. Subscribe Pro has the ability to incorporate “Apple Pay”.

4. Social and tracking

Google Analytics works throughout the site (we prefer setting up and integrating GTM). We have installed “Google Optimize” through GTM ShareASale pixels. It’s active to only fire for new customers meeting a certain price range.

We have also worked on the integration of Criteo Pixel. It does a few things, one is that it analyzes the information from browsing and is supposed to look at what’s added to the cart so it can redirect the user.

5. Gift Redemption

There needs to be a good flow for anyone with a gift card to know how to use what they received from a recipient. Currently, we have built the flow of hard coding of the gift amount’s price, then directing the user with a quick explanation and a button.

Prepaid gift amount ->subscriptions.

Specific amounts reserved for companies -> gift category under $50. Everything else — a link to the wine category, gifts, and memberships.

6. Zendesk Integration

Simple code added to the site for the chat and support feature.

7. Gift Card Management

The user can see an available credit and record of where it’s been used, or add more credit to the account, or transfer credit to another account via gift card.

8. Payment methods

Users can pay with all their credit cards, Apple Pay, Paypal or use their gift cards.

9. Autofill Delivery Address

Users should only need the name, company, street address, and zip code, and they are able to automatically fill the state and city. It is possible to verify address / clean address with google integration, and also the Taxjar integration and address verification that they offer can be used.

10. Delivery Methods (depends on the state)

UPS, FedEx, LSO, and GSO are the shipping methods we use, but each carrier is limited to specific states. These methods were updated on the admin side.

11. Expanded active subscription function

By following client requirements, from the last version we have updated from the maximum amount of 6 bottles to 12 of them.

We found out the easiest way for clients to combine orders. Now it combines 2 orders in one, 12 bottles in one order. And also, for buyers, it’s more convenient to make one order instead of two.

Same if it’s 6 and 4 or 6 and 3 or 9 and 3. Also If it’s 3 and 3 etc. More bottles (up to 12) in one box is the best solution.

12. Coupon code error handling

There is an error-handling report system on coupons when the conditions aren’t met, it doesn’t exist, or it’s expired.

Delivered Results

Our team worked hard on this project from the last version. We made a lot of changes which included redesigning, fixing bugs, and setting the stability of functions. At this time, we boosted the project by updating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, changed design, added new helpful features, and made it work better.

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