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Project description

HiLike is the application where you can find your couple and new friends. The mobile application UI/UX design project aimed to create a user-friendly and engaging platform for finding romantic partners and making new friends.

Project summary

Designer Konstantin Pimenov
Business goal:
to develop a design for mobile app that will contain a range of features
Mobile App design, Graphic design
Applied technologies:

Business Challenge

The primary challenge for HiLike was to develop a mobile application design that effectively facilitated connections between users while providing a seamless and secure user experience. With the competitive landscape of dating and social networking apps, HiLike needed to differentiate itself by offering unique features, intuitive navigation, and a visually appealing interface. Additionally, implementing in-app payment systems and subscription models posed a challenge in terms of user monetization and retention.


To solve the business problem, the project adopted an integrated UI/UX design approach that prioritises user engagement, functionality, and monetization. The design process began with extensive research aimed at understanding user preferences, behaviour, and expectations in the context of dating and social networking. This provided the basis for the development of user profiles and journey maps that would guide the design process.

UI/UX, UI/UX design, app design, mobile app, welcome window

The registration process has been streamlined with multiple slides to collect relevant information from users, allowing for complete profile customization. User hints have been included to help users understand the app’s functionality and features, improving the onboarding experience.

UI/UX, UI/UX design, app design, mobile app, onboarding

The main menu has been designed for easy navigation and contains sections to suit different user needs and preferences. Flexible filter settings allowed users to optimise search criteria, increasing the accuracy of matching results.

UI/UX, UI/UX design, app design, mobile app, main menu

UI/UX, UI/UX design, app design, mobile app, chat

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