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Project description

Travel Trip is a mobile application that simplifies the process of planning tourist trips to Europe. The main goal of designer is to create a UI/UX design that will contain a range of features including registration, search functionality, travel information, trip parameter customization, access to past and upcoming trips, and additional sections in the burger menu

Project summary

Designer Konstantin Pimenov
Business goal:
to develop a design that will contain a range of features for mobile app
Mobile App design, Graphic design
Applied technologies:

Business Challenge

The travel industry is highly competitive, with numerous apps and websites offering trip planning services. The Travel Trip challenge was to stand out in this crowded market by providing a user-friendly and intuitive platform that caters to the specific needs of tourists planning trips to Europe. Additionally, ensuring seamless navigation and accessibility across different devices was crucial for retaining users and encouraging engagement.


A comprehensive UI/UX design strategy was devised to create a seamless and engaging user experience.

The registration process was simplified with a standard form of authorization and the option to recover passwords, ensuring easy access for users. The search functionality was optimised to allow users to find popular destinations sorted according to their preferences, enhancing the efficiency of trip planning.

UI/UX, Travel app, mobile app, app design

Travel information was presented in a user-friendly format, allowing users to explore services available on their trip, read reviews, and access descriptions of attractions. The trip parameter customisation feature allowed users to select specific conditions for their trip, such as including pets, children, luggage, and other useful features, thereby personalising their travel experience.

UI/UX, mobile app, travel app, app design

UI/UX, mobile app, travel app, app design

The inclusion of an “Old trip” section enabled users to view their past and upcoming trips, providing a convenient way to track and manage their travel history. Additional sections such as rate, share, contact us, remove ads, settings, and logout were placed in the burger menu for easy access, ensuring a clutter-free main menu.

UI/UX, mobile app, travel app, app design

UI/UX, mobile app, travel app, app design

Delivered Results

The Travel Trip mobile application UI/UX design successfully addressed the business challenge by delivering a user-friendly and intuitive platform for planning tourist trips to Europe. Key outcomes of the project included:

  • Enhanced user experience: The streamlined registration process, optimised search functionality, and personalised trip parameter customization contributed to an improved overall user experience.
  • Increased engagement: The inclusion of features such as travel information, past and upcoming trip tracking, and additional sections in the burger menu encouraged users to explore the app further and engage with its various functionalities.
  • Competitive differentiation: The Travel Trip app stood out in the competitive travel industry by offering a unique combination of user-friendly design, personalised trip planning options, and convenient access to additional features and settings.

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